About Me


I'm a versatile Creative Strategist and Content Creator with a passion for storytelling and a knack for crafting impactful campaigns. With over 15 years of experience, I've had the privilege of working with iconic brands like Fidelity, Victoria's Secret, Puma, and Apple.


I believe that "Content is anything people choose to consume." Whether it's online, offline, IRL, or in the metaverse, content forms the backbone of all communication strategies.

I've had the opportunity to lead groundbreaking campaigns such as Teacher Moments for TIAA and PUMA’s #IGNITEYourCity. My approach is all about diving deep into understanding the audience, uncovering what resonates with them, and delivering strategies that truly hit the mark. Tailoring strategies to speak directly to each client's crowd is my specialty. Highlights of my work include  Honda's Battle Of The Bands 2024 Theme and Integrated Marketing Plan and Lenovo's "Your Life, Your Mode" UGC campaign.

Content Creator

Beyond strategy, I'm a passionate content creator, adept at both scripted and unscripted works. Recently, I completed a dramedy feature script for Invention Studios, known for acclaimed projects like 'Escape at Dannemora,' 'Severance,' and 'Queenpins.' Winning "Create the Writer's Room" for my comedy pilot script and short film, "VIVA VALET," opened doors to representation at Creative Artists Agency. Now, as an internationally represented writer by CAA and Amplify, I continue to push the boundaries of creative storytelling.

I'm excited to connect and explore how we can create something extraordinary together.

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