About Me

Writer and Director

I'm a mix of Nigerian, Jamaican, and American cultures, and growing up, I loved to people-watch. This habit turned into a unique perspective that I bring to my writing. I like to keep it light but sharp, often poking fun at life's little absurdities.

As a director, I have a knack for creating striking visuals and dynamic movement (love me some push-ins). I've also discovered I'm quite adept at guiding actors – a skill that, surprisingly, not all directors have.

I've won a few awards. My baby, the short film LUCY, traveled the world and picked up a few accolades along the way. My other baby, VIVA VALET, well, that short film and comedy pilot script got me representation at CAA and Industry Entertainment.

I'm also... 

... a Producer and Integrated Producer

Starting in advertising, I cut my teeth as an integrated producer – a bit like a cat herder. 

I've steered everything from integrated campaigns for Puma, Lenovo, Fidelity and Liberty Mutual, to producing bilingual social spots for the Boston Public Health Commission. 

From the first spark of an idea to the final cut, flight, or launch, I've been there, making sure everything runs smoother than a well-oiled machine.

As well as a... 


Naturally, a producer evolves into a strategist, right!?  I'll save the story until after you hire me, but as a strategist, I have a specific point of view. 

"Content is anything people choose to consume." 

That means anything - online, offline, IRL, or in the metaverse. Content is the backbone of all communication strategy.

With that in mind, I've had my hand in cooking up some pretty groundbreaking campaigns. Take 'The Culture Tour' for Booze Allen or PUMA’s #IGNITEYourCity. It's all about diving deep into who we're talking to, understanding what makes them tick, and then delivering something that hits the mark.

My secret sauce? Tailoring strategies that speak directly to each client's crowd. Like that time I worked on the Celebrity Cruise's Ascent Naming Ceremony, or when I developed Honda's Battle Of The Bands 2024 Theme and integrated marketing plan.

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