Foley is an award-winning, Nigerian-Jamaican-American content creator with work emblematic of nuanced performances and considered cinematic visuals. 

He has worked on all sides of advertising and has cut his teeth as a producer and strategist at content shops and brands, giving him a holistic view of the production process. Foley has since grown to write, direct and produce and recently was featured in The Wrap for winning Create The Writer's Room competition for his short VIVA VALET. 

SHOOT Magazine, also included Foley in the 2020 New Directors Showcase. Since then, Foley's work has been screened at the Prague International Indie Festival, The Rapport Festival, The Roxbury International Film Festival, and the San Francisco Black Film Festival. In addition, Foley has received Telly and Sabre awards for his brand work. 

While not directing, Foley writes. He’s Co-repped by the Creative Arts Agency and InnerVoice Artists and his pilot, VIVA VALET has been optioned. 

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